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Ur HD Tito

Tito Sikker scannet : 09/24/2021 Ur HD Hent HD


Tito -

Oversigt:Tito is a 2010 Croatian documentary television miniseries about Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito. The first episode aired March 19, 2010. The series is a co-production by Croatian Radiotelevision and Mediteran film. The two first collaborated on the series Long Dark Night, which at a top audience of 1.8 million viewers was one of the most-watched domestic productions in history. After the announcement of the documentary, Broz's granddaughter Saša announced that she and her family would use all means possible to obstruct filming. Tito cost a reported 1 million euros to make.

Ur Anhænger Første luftdato: Sep 01, 2010 Sidste luftdato: Sep 29, 2010 Sæson: 1 Sæson Episode: 5 Episode Kørselstid: 26:14 minutter Kvalitet: HD IMDb: 10 / 10 ved 0 brugere Popularitet: 1.168 Sprog: hr

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